Hill Country Disability Group

About us

Our Primary Aims:

  1. To provide assistance to handicapped people of the Hill Country of Sri Lanka in terms of improving their living conditions, health, education, employment opportunities, and general well being so they may enjoy full rewarding lives and contribute to social and economic development;
  2. To provide a forum for Hill Country people with disabilities to discuss disability issues with others locally, nationally, and internationally through group meetings and social activities and through use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT); and
  3. To use ICT and other electronic and printed media to promote public awareness of the issues facing disabled people and how they can make positive contributions to the advancement of Sri Lankan society.

Secondary Aims:

  1. The establishment of funds or trusts and to receive donations, contributions and subscriptions towards pursuance of the primary objects of the trust;
  2. To seek external funding from Sri Lanka and abroad in support of the above mentioned objects.
  3. To engage volunteers from Sri Lanka and abroad in support of the above mentioned objects.

Organisational structure and staffing

The Hill Country Disabled Group is a public trust registered in Haldummulla Division of Badulla District. Since October 2007 the HCDG is a recognized Voluntary Service Organization registered with the Ministry of Social Services. The membership consists of the disabled individuals or their guardians, and anyone who subscribes to the society's aims and objectives.