Hill Country Disability Group

Poems by Manish Gupta


The Issue

I have no legs, But I still have feeling, I cannot see, But I think all the time, Although I am deaf, I still want to communicate, Why do people see me as useless, Thoughtless, talkless, When I am as capable as any, For thoughts about our world.


I am happy when… I am happy with small things, I am happy when… People understand when I am trying to say, when I talk with other people on the same level, I am happy because I am proud of myself, I am happy when I study, by studying I can learn new information, I get to understand the news from all over the world, I can calculate how much to pay when I am eating, I can say what I think is right or wrong, I am happy because I get to do so many things by myself, I am happy because I have favorite things to do, I am happy when I am cheering for any players, Because their passion is so great, I feel as if I am one of them, And I also get very passionate, I am happy because I have a dream It may seem small but planning and living faithfully every day, Makes me feel so happy.


Optimism is our motto in life, Listen my friend, my friends, Let your motto be love & faith Life is a gift from our merciful Lord to all creatures in heaven as on earth, If you have any friends with disability, Stay close to them to help them feel secure, Urge them to be optimistic & to love life Tell them that despair is cowardice, And that perseverance & determination are signs of courage, Hope is our in our life, A gentle smile brings us together, There is no despair in life & no life is despair.


Two worlds… Torn between the ears of sounds & silent, Uncertain, unable to join… Tear flow… Unknowingly both push away, Rejected made to feel, Unbelonging… Tear flow… Except certain hands, Pulls pushes encourages, Is relentless… Tear flow a smile growing, Still stuck between, But loved.

Who is a Friend?

A Friend----------------------- String tunes the Heart, Repair the Wounds, Encourages Discovery, Enlighten the Mind, Dissolves Pain, Banishes Loneliness, Understands Anxieties, Increase the Joys, Deepen the Spirit, And Free the Soul, True Friendship Is---------- The Silent Languages of the Heart, That Is-------------------Love.

You & Me

U R Going In the Stream, And I M Going In the Dream, There is Not All, The Tall Trees R Going to Fall, U R Going To the Park, And I M Going In the Dark, U R Playing With the Kite, And I M Playing With the Night, This is Not Everything, Rest I Will Tell U in the Spring.


The Rain Was Like A Little Mouse, Quiet Small & Grey, It Pattered All Around the House, And Suddenly Went Away.


Birds R So Nice! Pretty Penguin in the Ice, Birds R So Pretty Why? Why Do They All Fly In the Sky? They R So Sweat, Why Only Worm Do They Eat, They R Very Kind, But If U Will Catch them They Will Fly Away.


Trees Trees All Around, Pretty Grasses On the Grounds, All Trees Make the Nature Green, They Give Life To Human, Leaves All Around, Don't Cut the Trees Down, Don't Distort the Nature, Without U On the Earth there Will Be No Creative.


Smile While U Play, Smile While U Work, Make All Your Friends, Smile & Be Gay, Be Eager In Your Work, & Cheerful In Your Study, That is the Way To Be Happy Everyday.

Student of Class

Student of Class One, Every Prize They Won In Sweetness. Student of Class Two, R Sweet & Naught Too. Student of Class Three, Always Like To Be Free. Student of Class Four, Have To Study Little Moral. Student of Class Five, Become Little Matured In Life. Student of Class Six, With Other Learn Mix. Student of Class Seven, Learn To Face Difficult Tasks. Student of Class Eight, They'll of all They Make. Student of Class Nine, Have Fine & Fair. Student of Class Ten, Now there is No Fun For them. Student of Class Eleven, Have No Board Thanks the Heavens! Student of Class Twenty, Now the School They Have To Pass.

There is Light

If I Cannot Have the Sun, I Still Have the Moon, If I Cannot Have the Moon, I Still Have the Stars, If I Cannot Have the Stars, I Still Have My Evening Lamp To Give Me Light, If I Cannot Have All these, I Could Go To Sleep & Dream that there is a Light. Airostic------Poem


Pull Your Thought Together, On Any Topic U Choose, Enjoy putting them All Together, Make A Poem To Use.


Bring the Knowledge Together, On Any Topic U Choose, On Leather Weather Or Feather, Knowledge is Always of Use.


Animals animals Everywhere, Rabbits Run Around Here & there, A Deer Running Here & there, A Fox So Running Here & there, A groups of Monkeys, there are some Donkeys, A Big Bang of Trees, This is a place where Pollution Free, I Have Not Get To Met the Loin King, I Have His Photograph in My Bag, Guess Where I M? Yes I'm In the Forest.

My Granny (Nani)

Dear Granny, Dear Granny, She is My Sweetie, We Call Her Nani, She Makes Nice Things for Us, She is My Mummy is Mummy, She is Much Much Sweetie Than Honey, But She is Now, No More In the World.

The Poison Tree

I Was Angry with My Firend, I Told My Wroth, My Wealth Did End, I Was Angry With My Foe, I Told It Not My Wealth Did Grow, & I Water'd the Fears, Night & Morning with My Tears, & I Sunned It With Similar, & With Soft Deceitful Wiles, & It Grew Both Day & Night, Till It Born an Apple Bright, & My Foe Beheld It Shine, & He Knew That It Was Mines, & Into My Garden Stole, When the Night Had Vat'd the Pole, In the Morning Glad I See, My Foe Outstretched Beneath Tree.

Heaven's Very Special Child

"A Meeting Was Held Quite Far From the Earth, It's Time Again for another Birth". Said the Angles to the Lord Above, This Special child With Need Much Love, His Progress May Seem Very Slow, Accomplishments He Might Not Slow, & He'll Require Extra Care, From the Folks He Meets Down there, He May Not Run or Play Or Laugh, His Thoughts May Seem Far Away, In Many Ways He Won't Adopt, & He'll Be Known as Handicapped, So Let Be Careful When He's Sent, We Want His Life to Be Content, Please Lord, Please Fine the Parents, Who Will Do a Special Job for U, They May Not Realize Right Away, The Loading Role They R Asked To Play, But With This Child Sent From Above, Comes Stronger Faith & Richer Love, Soon they'll know the Privilege Given, In Caring For This Gift from Heaven, This Precious Child, So Meek & Mind, Is Heaven's Very Special Child.

The Power of Prayer

Lord, Let Me Be An Instrument of They Peace, Where there is Hatred, Let Me Saw Love, Where there is Injury, Pardon, Where there is Truth, Faith, Where there is Despair, Hope, Where there is Darkness, Light, & Where there is Sadness, Joy, Divine Master, Grant That I May, Not So Much Seek To Be Consoled As To Consoled, To Be Understood As To Understand, To Be Love As To Love, For It is In Giving That We Receive, It is In Pardoning That We R Pardoned, & It is In Dying That We R Born To Eternal Life.

Differently Abled

They Say I M Disabled, I Do Not Think I am, Only Differently Abled, & In Many Ways I Can, Do Better then U Say, When Body, Mind & Soul, Link In To Show the Spirit, of the Person As A Whole, Our Bodies Do Not Listen, To What Our Minds Do Say, & In the Scope That 'S Given, We Have To Find Away, To Carry Out Our Mission, & Prove That We R Good, & Do Our Tasks Much Better, That A Normal Person Could, We, However, Need a Platform, That's Level, Just & Fair, Who Accept a Ramp is Better, Than A Complicated Stair, Give Us the Means to Carry Out, Our Daily Tasks on Earth, & We Will Show U, What We Can Do of Spirit there's No Dearth, Awareness is Important, Acceptance Follows Next, A Fair & Just Society, & In This Context People Who Give Freely of Faith & Hope & Love, & U Will See Us Stronger, With the Help from God Above.