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Employment Opportunities

Q. What kind of employment opportunities do disabled people have?

The government estimates that there are around 200,000 work-eligible people with disabilities in Sri Lanka.

National statistics show that around 85% of the working-age population of disabled people is not in employment. Some people may have severe barriers to employment and some may not want employment. However, the fact remains that for those that do want employment, and who may benefit from the social contact, physical and mental stimulation, income and increased self esteem that can come from meaningful and appropriate employment, there are very limited opportunities.

Legislation in Sri Lanka says that 3% of the workforce in public services and public companies should be people with disabilities (who are able to do the jobs). We do not know of any public monitoring of this commitment.

Opportunities for vocational training are extremely limited, with only 19 government – led vocational centres for people with disabilities across the whole island, and these offering segregated opportunities keeping disabled people apart from their non-disabled peers.

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