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Education for Children with Disabilities

Q. Do children with disabilities attend schools?

The government in Sri Lanka intends that all children with disabilities who are able to, attend local government schools. We support the aim for inclusive education. However, in practice we know that many children with disabilities do not go to school. Some are never enrolled, others try to attend school and for many reasons drop out: lack of support, lack of transport, parents unwilling or unable to see the benefits of education for their disabled child, lack of resources, facilities, equipment and training in schools to make inclusive education a reality.

31.7% of all disabled people in Sri Lanka report having had no schooling; around 11% of disabled people passed grade 3 or lower; around 14% passed at grade 4-5; around 18% passed at grade 6-8 and around 11% at grades 9-10. Around 11% of all disabled people report having an education to O Level standard and only 3% to A level standard. The numbers of disabled people with higher educational qualifications is negligible.

We believe inclusive education is a gateway to a better future, economically and socially, for people with disabilities. School is a place for learning and play - a place with routine, structure and stimulation as well as friends.

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