Hill Country Disability Group

Ministry of Social Services & Social Welfare - Progress Report on Mahinda Chintana

  1. Action will be taken to enact legislation to protect the rights of the differently abled persons (page 19)
    Action: A memorandum dated 06.02.2006 by the Minister of Social Services & Social Welfare on "Disability Rights Bill" - after the contents were explained by the Minister, approval was granted for the submission of the draft annexed to the Memorandum to the Legal Draftsman to draft the Bill, to be considered by the Cabinet, after obtaining the clearance of the Attorney General on its constitutionality.
  2. Convenient access facilities for differently abled persons will be provided as a matter of priority in all public buildings.
    Action: Regulation on accessibility was already published in the gazette & placed before the Parliament for ratification. It was included in the order paper of 1.2.2006.
  3. Each family with a differently able person and not having any income will be provided with a monthly grant of Rs. 3000/. (page 18)
    Action: Already forms have been sent to Divisional Secretaries to collect correct information/data. (Rs. 60 million has been allocated for this programme)
  4. "Rekawarana Niwasa" - Shelter & Vocational Skills for needy disabled persons. (Department of Social Services)
    Action: Rs. 50 million has been allocated to improve 4 existing vocational training centers & to establish 3 new centers. Discussed with provincial authorities and the centers were selected for allocation of funds.
  5. Financial aid (to be refurbished) to assist homes for differently abled persons. (10mn)
    Action: Provincial authorities have been intimated about the activities.
  6. Establishment with over 100 employees will be required to reserve at least 3% of employment opportunities to differently abled persons.
    Action: Disability Rights Draft Bill has included provision of 3% of employment opportunities.
  7. Respected Senior Citizens programme (page 17). I will not allow senior citizens who have devoted their lives for the children and the country, to be lonely.
    Action: National Policy on Older persons Elders Charter is ready for submission to the Cabinet. Rs. 10 million has been allocated for refurbishing elder's homes in collaboration with Provincial Councils.
  8. A deduction of 50% of the fares as levied by public sector transport operators will be offered to senior citizens who are above 70 years of age. A free railway warrant will be issued once a year to senior citizens to go on a pilgrimage.
    Action: Action is being taken to have discussion with Minister of Transport. Relevant data and other information are being collected to prepare a proposal for additional allocation.
  9. Homes for the Aged for the benefit of destitute senior citizens with the assistance of NGOs and private sector.
    Action: New proposal to establish 25 homes in all 25 districts are almost ready for implementation.
  10. Assist counselling centers to rescue and rehabilitate those addicted to alcohol, drugs and smoking (page 7).
    Action: Puwakpitiya Drug Rehabilitation center is being refurbished for this task by the Department of Social Services.

    Source: Ministry of Social Services & Social Welfare

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